🔵 Ethereum

A walkthrough of my flow to put together a view of sudoswap v2 trades
There are over 60 types of trades possible - let me make them simpler for you to understand.
Covering contract deployments, factories, proxies, and upgrades.
Giving you the frameworks and functions you need to become an archwizard
Simplifying and showcasing ERCs across all EVM chains - starting with tokens.
Let's look at the top contracts and interactions from smart accounts on Polygon (and other EVM chains)!
Using thirteen charts to understand the Optimism token (or any erc20 token), with concepts like momentum, liquidity, and distribution.
Teaching you how to calculating monthly cohort user retention, for every NFT marketplace.
Creating a label for Sandbox, Decentraland, Cryptovoxels, and Otherdeed land traders so it's easy to identify which wallets are the most active…
Finding trends between new and old users can tell you if a protocol (or domain) is starting to make a comeback.
We get NFT balances and also track how the token was acquired (mint, bought, gifted) as well as the value paid.
Showing how contract composability really works - by looking at integrations into Opensea Seaport.