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Your content ended up being my only source of learning (apart from practicing and some initial knowledge on the EVM and smart contracts).

Thank you for doing this

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I do not know where to share this, so I do this here instead

I've been being in Crypto back and forth for 2 years, then recently I've decided to jump into Web3Data, such a complex concept that I have little, maybe no knowledge about

Dune Analytics educational content, especially from you and Jackie, has been the starting point for me. All your web3-related contents are in my library, though sometimes there's challenges as I have no background as a developer whatsoever, I can always figure things out with the so-called "library" of mine

Do not know really where's next, which way I am heading towards in this field, but I've learnt a lot and studied a lot

So, all in all, just wanna express my appreciation and my thanks to you. And please, keep up the good work, sir

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